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Spa Consulting

Photo By Ingo Markmann

Spa de Menicucci can provide your spa with the following services:

Concept & Strategy: We can assist with the spa’s planning and conceptual development, spa design, and how to create the perfect atmosphere and environment that your hotel property requires. The interior design will reflect the strategy of your spa’s vision, as well as provide function and practicality to spa operation. Our consultation will include design strategy for service, branding, merchandising, and guest satisfaction.

Clientele: Our goal is to match the Spa’s offering with your hotel guest’s needs and level of expectation. If a local clientele is desired, we will assist in marketing strategies to build successful packaging and repeat business.

Guest Experience: The level of your guest’s satisfaction is our highest priority. The spa employee’s training will emphasize consistency, professionalism and being a productive team member. The spa facility will be a relaxing and welcoming environment. The guest will experience a personal and intimate spa experience, and will leave them looking forward to their next spa visit.

Spa Design: The spa design will be suited to your guest’s specific needs, depending on the type of hotel, level of guest demand and sophistication, as well as creating a spa theme that flows with the hotel property. We can also assist you with equipment selection and procurement for the spa facility.

Services: The spa menu of services will feature state of the art spa services. The menu design will reflect the vision and design your unique spa facility. Spa de Menicucci is available to provide licensed spa services that are custom designed to be your spa’s signature treatments.

Staff: Spa de Menicucci can assist you with staff development and recruitment, including interviewing and training.

Training: We can assist in the implementation of operational guidelines for spa treatments, as well as training support. Training can also be provided for your spa’s administrative and management team.

Marketing: All aspects of sales and marketing support, including pre-opening support, launch support, and website support. We can assist you in choosing the professional and retail products that reflect the vision and ideal of your spa facility, as well as create a successful branding and merchandising campaign.